Rollbahn Metallic Notebooks

Rollbahn Metalic Notebooks
Gold metallic Delfonics slim notebook and silver metallic Delfonics mini notebook.

While browsing one of my favourite stationery stores in Takadanobaba, I stumbled upon these beautiful Rollbahn metallic notebooks. Rollbahn notebooks are made here in Japan by the stationery company, Delfonics. I usually stay well away from spiral notebooks because I am a lefty and the spirals usually get in my way, however these metallic gold and silver covers caught my eye and I knew immediately I needed them.

Rollbahn Metallic Silver
Silver metallic Delfonics mini notebook cover.

The covers are made from a thick card stock like the other Delfonics notebooks, and coated with a kind of metallic finish. The shine and details of the cover make this an extremely attractive notebook to flash around. The metallic finish has a kind of line detailing which picks up light and reflects it evenly.

I couldn’t decide gold or silver, so I bought both.

Rollbahn Metallic Gold
Gold metallic Delfonics slim notebook cover.

The hardest part about choosing these notebooks was the fact that some already had scratches/dents on the covers even though they were new in their packets. So I recommend you look closely at your covers before you purchase if you are worried about that kind of thing. Fortunately, I found these two which were in perfect condition.

Rollbahn Metallic Inside
Inside the silver metallic Delfonics mini notebook.

The paper inside these notebooks is perfect too. Each page is perforated and coloured a soft, warm yellow. The grid is actually dotted if you look closely and I have been told fountain pens take to the paper with ease and minimal feathering. Cant wait to try out my Pilot Cocoon in this book.

Rollbahn Metallic Inside2
Plastic sleeves of the silver metallic Delfonics mini notebook.

At the back of the notebooks is this section which has plastic sleeves. The sleeves don’t seem to be the best quality, kind of like a normal plastic sleeve you would find in an old-school A4 display file, but, the fact they added this into their notebooks is a nice added feature. Even the smallest Delfonics notebooks have them. The plastic sleeve section is surrounded by thick yellow card stock pages to protect them more.

Since I have hundreds of field notes and other pocket notebooks, I have decided to keep the silver one for myself and will be giving the gold one, along with a pink Zebra SARASA 0.4 pen to my friend at work. I love sharing stationery to people who don’t find stationery as exciting as we do. I love watching their reactions when they discover a book or pen they love and comment about how much they use it. So I hope my friend loves these gifts.


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