Pilot Cocoon: My New Fountain Pen

Pilot Cocoon Case
Blue Pilot Cocoon with fine nib.

Last weekend I bought myself a little present. I had been eyeing off a new fountain pen since I heard about the Pilot Metropolitan on the Pen Addict podcast. Scouring the internet I soon discovered the Pilot Metropolitan didn’t exist here in Japan even though Pilot is a Japanese brand.

A little more internet detective work led me to discover the pen goes by a different name here in Japan, the Pilot Cocoon. The Pilot Cocoon is essentially the Pilot Metropolitan, however the pricing is a little more expensive than the Cocoon, which at first, seemed a little weird being that the pens are both made in Japan by Pilot.

Pilot Cocoon Detail
Pilot Cocoon detail.

Again, some more research led me to various message boards where people were saying the Cocoon seems heavier, better quality made than the metropolitan and that maybe Pilot lowered the quality of the Metropolitan so that even after they took into account shipping, they could still have a nice entry level fountain for the foreign market.

This makes me happy I live in Japan. I have readily available access to all the cool stationery at retail price. So, I set my sights on the Pilot Cocoon and Kon-Peki colour Pilot ink.

Kon-Peki Ink
Pilot Iroshizuku ink in Kon-Peki colour.

I had ¥5000 worth of gift vouchers for Isetan, a high end department store here in Tokyo, which were given to me as a gift about 2 years ago. After checking the gift certificates I discovered there were no use by dates so knew exactly where I was going on the weekend and what I was going to use them for.

It was my first time in the stationery section of Isetan. The selection of papers and pens was astonishing, all perfectly displayed in shiny wooden cabinets and frames complete with staff dressed in suits and white gloves. I felt way under dressed in my jeans and down jacket paired with Adidas Classics. But I had ¥5000 to spend, albeit in vouchers but I knew what I came for.

I tried out both the (F) fine and (M) medium nibs of the Cocoon and decided on the fine nib. I was amazed at just how smooth the pen wrote. I will eventually get around to doing a full review later but I can see why this pen is mentioned as a great entry level pen.

Pilot Cocoon Nib
Pilot Cocoon fine nib.

The staff informed me they were doing an ink service, meaning they gave me a free ink for the pen. I chose blue. I just love blue inks. But I also bought the Pilot Kon-Peki ink too as well as the converter CON-40. All up my purchase was ¥5250 meaning I only had to pay ¥250 extra after using my 2 year old vouchers.

Pilot converter CON-40.

I was then asked if this pen is a gift. Many shops here ask you this because they usually do free gift wrapping complete with ribbon if you say yes.

Yes I said, my partner looking at me with a confused look on his face. It’s a gift to myself I reminded him.

Pilot Cocoon Present
Blue Isetan wrapping to match my pen and ink.

I didn’t open it until today just to take these photos and all I can say for now is that I am so excited to start using this sexy pen and ink. So until my review, please enjoy the photos in this post.


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