Zebra SARASA Clip 0.4

Zebra SARASA Clip 2
From top to bottom; Zebra SARASA Clip 0.4 black, pearl blue and magenta.

There is a bit of a back story to how I discovered the Zebra SARASA gel pens. It all started when I got all serious about my journal writing (which has another entire back story to itself I will get into another time). Since discovering these pens, I have not changed my mind; these pens are simply the best and currently hold my number one spot in my favorite 5 gel pens.

It started when I needed a nice black pen for my 2016 journal. Being a lefty, I am picky about the pens and ink I use but looked in my pen collection and found a pen I hadn’t used yet which my partner had purchased but wasn’t using at the time. It was a Zebra SARASA 0.5 Clip black pen. From the first time writing with it, I fell in love. The ink flowed flawlessly on various paper I was using and didn’t blot, smudge, skip or do any other fancy things. It just wrote nicely. My handwriting also looked a lot better with it.

Zebra SARASA Clip
Black, pale blue and magenta Zebra SARASA Clips.

Sadly, I noticed the pen was almost running out of ink so I had to find more of this pen and stock up. I visited my local ¥100 shop, but I could only find the Uni-ball Signo RT 0.38 for sale. Purchased that as it seemed similar to the SARASA and would suffice until I had found the SARASA I wanted in shops.

I then got hooked on using the Uni-ball Signo RT 0.38 but was in a state of confusion if I liked or didn’t like the thin 0.38 lines it made. One day I would like it, the next I would hate it. This continued for a while. I found more stock of the SARASA Clip 0.5 but had become accustomed to the thin lines of the Signo RT 0.38. I am sure anyone reading this who is not a fan of stationery or pens would be closing their browsers now and thinking I must be insane, I probably am, but like I said, I am picky about these sorts of things.

While shopping for a completely different stationery thing, I stumbled upon a whole section dedicated to the Zebra SARASA Clip pens. I nearly peed cried out in joy when I discovered they were available in all the sizes, 37 colours and were only ¥90! Sizes available were 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.7 and 1.0 as well as plenty of colours to choose from. It took a lot of self control to not buy everything I saw and just bought one 0.4 black pen.

SARASA Rainbow
Pretty rainbow of assorted SARASAs.

The 0.4 size is perfect. The extra 0.02mm thicker lines it writes are just what I needed to settle my perfectionism tendencies and calm my confused relationship with the 0.38 Uni-ball Signo RT. I will eventually get around to doing a review of the pen at a later date.

Weeks later after discovering this pen, I started noticing that we actually have a few of these pens at my work already. Found 4 in our office, different colours, size 0.5 and I had no idea. I hadn’t even noticed them until now. I see them everywhere and have even seen other people buying them.

Customers must get a little nervous when they catch me looking at them, smiling at them as I quietly shake my head yes when they reach for the 0.4.


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