White Gel Ink

Zebra Sarasa Clip White
Zebra SARASA Clip 0.5 white.

Ive been listening to the Pen Addict podcast for the last few weeks but decided to go back and start from the very behinning and re-listen from the first episode.

While on the train home I was listening to episode two where Brad and Myke were talking about their favorite pens so decided to stop off at my little stationery store I’ve been frequenting recently to see if I could find a couple of their recommendations, buy and play write.

Didn’t find what I went in for but didn’t leave empty handed. I mean, who really leaves a stationery store empty handed?

I decided to buy the Rhodia No.16 dot pad, a Zebra SARASA Clip 0.5 in white ink and an impulse buy of new notepad made in Japan, the 3feet square notepad by Marumon.

I actually freaked out a bit when I saw the white gel ink SARASA as I have never used a white gel pen. The only paper they had available in the shop to try the sample pens on was white paper, so I couldn’t really see how it writes or looks, but, I plan to try it out at work tomorrow on some black card stock.

So, with a little help from the magic of blogging, see the photos from tomorrow, now!

Zebra SARASA Clip White 2
White gel ink on black card stock.

I have no idea how often I will be writing on black card but I can sleep at night knowing if I ever do I have this pen to cover that.



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