3feet Notepad by Maruman

3feet Notepad
5mm graph 3feet square notepad by Maruman.

I’ve been eyeing off these notepads for a while now but couldn’t come around to buying them as I already have enough paper coming out my ears. But, I did tonight, and wanted to share with you all about this notepad.

The 3feet notepads are made by Maruman, a Japanese paper/stationery company that specialise in sketch books, notepads, diaries, folders and other goodies. I was familiar with the Maruman sketch books as I use them as part of my job, but these new notepads caught my attention when I saw the sizes they come in.

They come in your regular A5, A7, B5, B7, A6 sizes but also have other sizes like the long cut (74mm X 200mm) and square size (148mm X 163mm). Not really knowing what I would use the long cut style for, I decided to buy the square size as I could find many uses for this notepad.

3Feet Notepad 2
Back cover.

The cover has a soft-touch coating like the Field Notes Unexposed Edition notebooks (my favourite edition at the moment). It feels soft and smooth to the touch. The back cover has a thick craft card stock, giving this notepad more strength. The card stock back cover stops it being able to bend and fold like the Rhodia notepads.

3Feet Notepad 3
3feet 5mm graph paper. Note that the paper is a cream colour, not yellowish like in this photo.

Inside are 80 pages of 5mm squared 60g/m2 paper, not regular paper, but that lovely Japanese thin paper that feels so smooth and soft to touch.  The graph is printed on one side only, blank on the other and each page is perforated allowing you to tear till your hearts content, or at least until you reach the last page. They have the same fold-over-top cover to reveal the brand at the top of each page as Rhodia have.

I will definitely be using this notepad for all my scribbles and calligraphy practice.


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