Snail Mail #01

The package.

Received this interestingly cute package from a fellow Field Notes nut as part of a swap we did on the Facebook Field Nuts group. Swapped a blue Unexposed edition Field Note for a pink Unexposed Field Note. Was surprised by the added extras the nut had added.

Package 2
From left to right; Scout Books craft checklist, Field Notes craft lined, Field Notes Unexposed pink – check out that day glow!

Some may be surprised to learn that I actually have never owned a Field Notes craft edition. I have owned more rare editions like the Red Blooded and Ambitions edition before I owned a craft, so I was pretty excited to finally see how they look in person.

The Scout Books was another nice added surprise as I have heard about them but never seen one or used one. In my swap was a checklist edition.

Scout Books 2
Scout Books Checklist.

The front covers on the Scout Books are plain, no logo, no branding, nothing. At first I found this weird until I browsed online and saw all the art people have created on the covers of their Scout Books. So much amazing talent. The back covers have a small branding logo at the bottom.

Scout Books
Back cover.
The books themselves are a little smaller than Field Notes meaning they probably can fit in my Midori Traveler’s Notebook passport with no overhang. At the moment however I use Field Notes in it and don’t mind the overhang. It is only minimal anyway so doesn’t bother me.

Field Nuts is an amazing group and I am excited to do more trades with other nuts in the future!

So here is a big thank you to this nut for a perfect trade!


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