Chikuho Stationery Store

Chikuho Takadanobaba
Chikuho in Takadanobaba.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of finding a new little stationery shop while on your travels. The excitement rush you get when you enter as you think about what kind of pens, paper and other things (not to mention Field Note Editions) may be waiting inside. I can never just browse a stationery store and not buy something. Especially when I am spoiled with all the Japanese pens and paper choices here in Tokyo which cost a lot less than in my home country.

There are the famous big brand stores here like Kinokuniya, Tokyu Hands and Ito-ya, the 11 floor stationery shop in Ginza that have a huge selection of pens, paper and pencils to choose from, but there is a store I pass every day on my way home from work called Chikuho I often go to which I love.

I often post about my little stationery store in my posts that I visit all the time and decided to post about it here.

Chikuho Notepads
Selection of Rhodias at Chikuho.

Chikuho is located at Takadanobaba on the Yamanote line in Shinjuku-ku. They stock the regulars like Moleskines, Rhodia, Campus notebooks, albeit not in all the sizes or selections of some of their bigger competition stores, but their selection is enough for any regular stationery user. Chikuho also have a lovely fountain pen area where you can even try out some pens and inks. Most of their stock is priced at recommended retail price with no mark up.

The area I can never leave without buying something is of course the pen section. They carry all the Pilots, Uni-Balls, SARASAs, Pentels, you could ever ask for and have all the sizes, colours, editions and styles you need.

Chikuho Point Card
Chikuho point card.

The staff noticed how often I visited them and offered me a point card which is filling up quickly, giving me some yen off when I reach a certain amount of stamps. 1 stamp per 200yen spent in store.

If ever you are passing in the area, be sure to check them out!


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