TSUM TSUM Notebook

My partner and I have been addicted to the game TsumTsum on our iPhones. If you haven’t already played it, TsumTsum is a game where you line up disney character Tsums and earn coins to buy more Tsums which do various moves depending on the character you have. The game is very big here in Japan, and the Japanese version of the game has A LOT more to do than the English version. People from all walks of life play TsumTsum. Is is not uncommon to see grown business men, dressed in suits, on their way to work playing TsumTsum on their phone while traversing the Tokyo subways.

So you could imagine how quick I made up my mind when I saw this.

TsumTsum Notebook Front
TsumTsum notebook front cover

Took about 0.4 seconds to decide to buy this notebook. It is just a regular notebook, nothing too special about it apart from the TsumTsum design. I had to have it.

TsumTsum Notebook Inside
Inside the TsumTsum notebook

There are so many notebooks in Japan that have awesome designs on their covers. I remember it was just a few weeks ago Campus Notebooks released these set of six MarioXCampus notebooks to celebrate Campus’ 40th anniversary and Super Marios’s 30th anniversary.

Campus notebooks Super Mario special anniversary edition

While I was buying notebooks I also picked up this small blank page pocket notebook for a Field Notes swap I am doing on the Field Nuts Facebook group.

Sumo Notebook Front
TsumTsum notebook front cover
Sumo Notebook Back
Sumo notebook back cover

I love sending people small stationery gifts. Paper and pens are always something people should have lying around. You can never have too much.


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