Uni-Ball AIR

Uniball AIR
Uni-ball AIR 0.5 blue

Found this Uni-ball AIR 0.5 pen at the shops today. As soon as I picked it up and tested it out I was shocked at how smooth it writes. The name says it all, it feels like you are writing with air.

The pen has no feedback what so ever. The ink flows so smoothly out from the strange weird tip and so quickly. It seems you can write really fast and not have a problem with skipping lines. My biggest love for this pen is the colour. I love blue inks and the colour this pen has is perfect, to my standards.

Uniball AIR Test
Uni-ball AIR test. Paper: 3feet by Maruman

My only complaint with this pen is the way it pools small dots of ink at the end of letters. Now this could just be my style of handwriting causing this but I found that ink tends to just appear when I lift the pen after writing words. And because I am a leftie, this is a major problem for me. My writing gets smudged to death. Drying time is a little longer than your average gel pen.

I actually like this pen a lot and despite the occasional smudge here and there as well as staining my hand a nice blue colour, I find myself grabbing this pen a lot to use.


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