Hand-righting #01

For all my life I have been left-handed, but only when I write. I have endured the smudges, the silver hand and bumping into others when I sit at my desk to write. Unaware of how long I have used which hand for what, when I was little at school I suddenly realized it was only when I write that I used my left hand. Everything else I used either my right, or my left. Both hands feel comfortable to use doing various things like playing sport, using scissors, eating with cutlery, etc. It was just my handwriting that could only be done using my left hand.

Handrighting 1.jpg
Day 1 – Paper: Pocket Ruled Moleskine Pen: Zebra SARASA Clip 0.5

I decided to start a little experiment with myself and see if I can teach myself how to write with my wrong hand, my right. After a little research online it seemed there are negative views about people who are ambidextrous, some people saying it is a common trait in people with schizophrenia and other mental health issues. One study even goes on to say that because only 10% of people are left-handed, that we are innately right-handed beings and it may be because of evolutionary circumstances that we evolved to become a right-hand dominant society.

Well, I’m mentally healthy (at least that’s what the voices in my head tell me) and society wont burn me at the stake for being able to write with both hands, so I think I will be okay to pick up a pen in my right hand and write.

This is how my journey of handrighting began. With daily practice in cursive and print I am hoping I will be able to level up my right hand to writing as neatly as my left. My main question I am interested in discovering is how long will it take?



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