Iroshizuku 3 Set

Iroshizuku 1
Iroshizuku 3 set box.

On my way home from work I was contemplating on whether or not I should pop into my little stationery shop to see if they had any new pens. I somehow managed to end up in the fountain pens and inks section, trying out a bunch of various Pilot Iroshizuku inks.

Even though I own the Iroshizuku Kon-peki ink, I was so surprised to see that the one in the shop had an attractive pinky/purple sheen to it. I haven’t yet used mine and didn’t actually know that it had nice sheen to it. I tried other colours and found that they too had various colourful sheens to them. I instantly fell in love with Yama-budo and Momiji.

Iroshizuku 2

I have been wanting to buy more ink and since it is so cheap here in Tokyo compared to my home country, I should stock up now. I was about to buy a big bottle of Momiji ink when I saw the 3 sets which included Yama-budo and 2 other colours, Shin-kai and Asa-gao.

I decided to buy the 3 set as it is a good way to try out other colours and since I already have my favourite colour, Kon-peki in a big bottle, I may as well try some others.

Iroshizuku 3

I am very excited to try these inks out. I am planning to buy a dip pen so I don’t need to ink up a pen. So I am currently looking into good dip pens.



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