A Little Update

2016 came and went.

It was the quickest year I have ever lived, well, at least it felt that way.

I think the whole waiting and planning our move back to Australia took so long, that when it finally happened, it didnt seem real. Almost a year later, we are only just settling in and only just now does it feel real.

It is now 2017.

That means a new daily journal was purchased and started. Like last year, I chose the Moleskine Daily Pocket Diary, soft cover of course. It is the perfect size to jot down a little something about the day that was. Maybe I’ll add photos in another post.

I received more Field Notes subscriptions in the mail. Can we just stop and admire how sexy the Black Ice edition looks. It’s my current catch all note book at the moment. It got saturated the second day I used it due to some unforeseen rain that I got caught in. I have a habbit of getting all my new notebooks saturated within the first week of use. However, I have learnt to appreciate the wear and tear aesthetics of an aging notebook.

I bought a big new Rohllbahn Silver Metalic notebook that I currently use as my work study book.

My Midori permanently lives in my bag. It hasnt seen the light of day for some time. I get excitement rushes still to bring it out and use it but am finding less need for it. I know, I am talking crazy. It’s okay, it can’t hear me.

After realising people read this blog and actually want to hear what I have to write about, I have decided to continue it. And since my love for stationary is never ending, why not continue to share all my stories about it with you all who want to read.

So welcome inktastikal to 2017.


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