Snail Mail #4

I know it is now February almost March but I had to post this.

Each year, my good friend and artist Tomoko sends me a personalised nengajo. A nengajo is a Japanese post card sent on New Years. If you have lived in Japan or have Japanese friends, you have no doubt seen or heard about these postcards. People design their own postcard to send best wishes to their friends and family. 

Well, Tomoko has been illustrating and sending me one each year in the hopes I collect all 12, which I am told, is very good luck.

The fun thing about collecting Tomoko’s nengajo is that she illustrates it and paints the New Years zodiac sign on the front in great detail. Her art style has its own unique touch

Each year I look forward to receiving her beautiful pieces and cant wait to build my collection of her paintings.

As well as the beautiful illustration on the front, she also greets me with exceptional Japanese calligraphy too. I just had to share with everyone how perfect it is.


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