Lamy: Neon Lime? Neon Safari?

This pen has been out for a while now, but who can’t resist SALE time walking around a  stationery store? Not me obviously. So I picked myself up the Lamy Neon Lime, or was it Neon Safari?


Now I actually have been eyeing off this pen since it came out. Neon Lime used to be my favorite colour and I went through a stage where all my electronics were neon lime. My phone, my electronic dictionary,  even some kitchen utensils I bought, all were neon lime. What can I say? It’s a good colour when you are trying to find something in a junk drawer or box.


So you could imagine my excitement the other day when I walked into the stationery store and saw they were having their end of year sale and had 50% off this particular Lamy.

After further investigation, I have no idea if this is the Neon Lime or the Neon Safari colour I have. Can anyone help? The box it came in is no clue as I think the staff in the ship just gave me what ever Lamy box they had laying around. It was EOFY sales after all. My pictures do make it look a little more green than it is in real life.


Now I usually go for fine nibs, but they only had medium nibs left. I didn’t mind as I actually only have fine nibs at home so it is a good change to try something new.


As a perfectionist, I usually match my pen with the colour ink inside, but this time I wen’t for some contrast and chose to fill it with Pilot’s Yama-budo Iroshizuku ink. The purple contrast with the green give the writing experience a ‘pop’ of fun.


I love this pen and love how it looks. I saw there is Neon Lime ink that I kind of want to try out which will probably be my next ink purchase. Not sure how well that will write or look but I am sure it is mostly for fun. Looks like radioactive material and I am currently playing Fallout which would suit the mood perfectly.


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