More Field Notes

I re-newed my Field Notes subscription going back a few weeks. I just love collecting Field Notes. Like many others who read this, I too have a stack of Field Notes now, more so than I probably need or will ever use, but, I have started a collection and I will feel weird to stop. So I renewed my subscription to continue for another year of collecting these great notebooks. I also enjoy the feeling of receiving a package in the mail every so often throughout the year. It is always a surprise. And this time around I was surprised by the new packaging the Field Notes subscription came in!

My first thoughts on this Utility edition were…

  1. The raw feeling of the cardboard is nice.
  2. Why doesnt the ruler fold over the pages like a bookmark?
  3. Nice sending one pack of each a ledger and a graph.

I have finally started using my Field Notes as my catch all notebooks that I keep in my pocket now when I am at work. They fit nicely in my back pocket and age well in there too. I finished one of my Black Ice editions the other week and due to the weather here in Sydney (rain every day) I switched it out to Expedition to withstand the water that leaks through my backpack. It has also been a great little show off item at work watching people trying to rip the pages or wet my notebook.

I really love the look of how the Black Ice edition has worn. Being my first Field Notes that I have just let be in my pocket, I am now excited to see how the other editions will wear! I can already see the fading/scuffing of the Expedition edition and am amazed how well the cover is keeping up in my pocket.


Snail Mail #3

Finally I own my own Deadprint Fieldnotes notebook thanks to fieldnut and talented artist Ms Demars who did a swap with me. She also added a little surprise original art piece in the mail.


Deadprint 2

Another exciting successful swap thanks to the fieldnut community on Facebook! If you’re not a member, go there now and join! Everyone is friendly and happy to help you catch them all! Pokemon style.

Snail Mail #2

I am back! Where did I go? No where really. I have just been busy setting up life in Australia and settling into my new lifestyle here. Now that things are going back to normal, it is time to update with some snail mail I received.

Keith, a fellow Fieldnotes fieldnut, did a #killwinterwithorange giveaway a few weeks back and I was lucky enough to win one of his original orange notebooks.

Orange Book

Orange Book 2
Hand stitched with Tomoe River paper.

I love how hand stitched and bound books have that delicate feel. This books is bound with matching orange string, perfectly tied and aligned may I add.

Please check out Keith’s instagram account @randomthinks for more stationery goodness and orange overload.

Snail Mail #01

The package.

Received this interestingly cute package from a fellow Field Notes nut as part of a swap we did on the Facebook Field Nuts group. Swapped a blue Unexposed edition Field Note for a pink Unexposed Field Note. Was surprised by the added extras the nut had added.

Package 2
From left to right; Scout Books craft checklist, Field Notes craft lined, Field Notes Unexposed pink – check out that day glow!

Some may be surprised to learn that I actually have never owned a Field Notes craft edition. I have owned more rare editions like the Red Blooded and Ambitions edition before I owned a craft, so I was pretty excited to finally see how they look in person.

The Scout Books was another nice added surprise as I have heard about them but never seen one or used one. In my swap was a checklist edition.

Scout Books 2
Scout Books Checklist.

The front covers on the Scout Books are plain, no logo, no branding, nothing. At first I found this weird until I browsed online and saw all the art people have created on the covers of their Scout Books. So much amazing talent. The back covers have a small branding logo at the bottom.

Scout Books
Back cover.
The books themselves are a little smaller than Field Notes meaning they probably can fit in my Midori Traveler’s Notebook passport with no overhang. At the moment however I use Field Notes in it and don’t mind the overhang. It is only minimal anyway so doesn’t bother me.

Field Nuts is an amazing group and I am excited to do more trades with other nuts in the future!

So here is a big thank you to this nut for a perfect trade!