More Field Notes

I re-newed my Field Notes subscription going back a few weeks. I just love collecting Field Notes. Like many others who read this, I too have a stack of Field Notes now, more so than I probably need or will ever use, but, I have started a collection and I will feel weird to stop. […]

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Snail Mail #3

Finally I own my own Deadprint Fieldnotes notebook thanks to fieldnut and talented artist Ms Demars who did a swap with me. She also added a little surprise original art piece in the mail. Another exciting successful swap thanks to the fieldnut community on Facebook! If you’re not a member, go there now and join! […]

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Snail Mail #2

I am back! Where did I go? No where really. I have just been busy setting up life in Australia and settling into my new lifestyle here. Now that things are going back to normal, it is time to update with some snail mail I received. Keith, a fellow Fieldnotes fieldnut, did a #killwinterwithorange giveaway […]

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Snail Mail #01

Received this interestingly cute package from a fellow Field Notes nut as part of a swap we did on the Facebook Field Nuts group. Swapped a blue Unexposed edition Field Note for a pink Unexposed Field Note. Was surprised by the added extras the nut had added. Some may be surprised to learn that I […]

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