Uni-Ball AIR

Found this Uni-ball AIR 0.5 pen at the shops today. As soon as I picked it up and tested it out I was shocked at how smooth it writes. The name says it all, it feels like you are writing with air. The pen has no feedback what so ever. The ink flows so smoothly […]

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SARASA Rainbow

What did I just do? I could not just stop at one. I needed them all. All the colours. All the pens. I just bought all the colours of the Zebra SARASA Clip 0.4mm. I needed them, right!? Right!? Lucky they are so cheap here in Tokyo.

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Chikuho Stationery Store

There is nothing quite like the feeling of finding a new little stationery shop while on your travels. The excitement rush you get when you enter as you think about what kind of pens, paper and other things (not to mention Field Note Editions) may be waiting inside. I can never just browse a stationery […]

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